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Shenzhen YOOBIE currently has 3000+ stores and the country, covering 300+ cities and regions nationwide, the product successfully settled in the well-known shopping district,

such as blue Harbor,SKP, Times Square, Vientiane City, Vanke, Wanda, Hang Lung, Cade, Longhu days Street, Eslite, etc.




We invite all our dear sisters and brothers who want to accompany with her or his babies much higher quality to join in our big family, to be YOOBIE,

so as to provide much better and suitable toys for fun, for safety, for healthy.


Global selection / Professional team / International companion




Shenzhen Yoobie International Limited, founded in June 2013, is currently one of the few professional brands of imported toys partners,

Has successfully signed seventeen international brands of toys and a contemporary lifestyle brand Belgium play&go, signed the exclusive brands as below:

Sweden VIKINGTOYS, Sweden FLEXITOYS, Germany GOKI, Germany HOLA, the United Kingdom WOW, the United Kingdom MORPHUN, the United Kingdom GALT, the United Kingdom AMBI, the United Kingdom SCRIBBLEDOWN,
As of November 2017, Shenzhen Youbi partners have been all over the country thousands of cities and regions, products are well versed in play, love to play and enjoy the quality of life of tide tide Mom and Chao Bo's favorite.



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Q1 Who is Shenzhen Yoobie?

Deeply impressed by Sweden Vikingtoys, Shenzhen Yoobie is set up in Shenzhen in China,
and aims to bring the first well-known international brands toys, liking Vikingtoys, to Chinese childrens.
We only focus on good toys from oversea.

Q2 What’s Shenzhen Yoobie’s vision?

To become the best and professional import toys distributer.

Q3 What’s Shenzhen Yoobie’s mission?

Happy childhood and easier parenting
making wonderful life to stuffs and devoting more to society.




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(Monday to Friday, legal holidays)

Sweden VikingToys

As one of Sweden's national representative brand, the most popular logo in northern Europ, VikingToys especially designed to be both fun and safe for kids exploring the world with all their senses, and is extremely famous for its 5S -Safe,Soft, Simple,Silent and Strong. Durable and high quality materials come with a 10 year guarantee. In 1974, Mr. Gosta founded Vikingtoys. After more than 40 years development , nowadays Vikingtoys comes in nearly hundred countries around the world, and achieved more than 30% marketing share in Europe, South American and Southeast Asia. Throughout the years and around the world, Vikingtoys have received several significant international awards from National Assiciation of Toys and Leisure Libraries, such as the Good Toy Awards Highly Recommended awards, Parents’s Choice Honors and etc. The most important is Vikingtoys is very also popular in children education area and have cooperation with more than 50% organizations in Europe and America, devotes a lot to not only family education but also school education.

Gemany goki Toys

The brand leader in wooden toys in Germany, with 36 year history since its founding in 1981, and owns another two old and famous brands , one is Heimess with more than 50 years history and the other is Anker with more than 150 years history. goki aims at learning in playing, teaching happily and emotion interaction, based on this education concept, goki research and develop lots of products that are popular with consumers. goki owns a powerful design team, to devote thousands of products, especially the wooden puzzles, wooden building block, table game and stone toys, which have received many interaction awards and are in great demands in more than one hundred countries around the world.

England WOW toys

The famous brand in the world, and called as“being able to talk and tell stories” toys. It was founded by Nadim Ednan Laperouse in England in 1997, and is well known in England, Europe and America with the unique battery-free structure, scenarized design, strong and durable and high quality. Also it gained the Best Toy Awards by ASTRA. WOW toys seek for imaginative play and educational features, has a big impact on toys industrial by its scenarized, personate and detail-oriented style. All WOW toys can be randomly put together to set up a life scene or create a funny story, fully stimulate childrens’imagination. Wow absolutely is parents’best choice to interact with their kids.

England Galt Toys

An British national treasure class education toy brand, Royal brand, and a leader brand in puzzle toys around the world. In 1836, it was founded by James Galt in Manchester, and was granted as Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1848 and by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1966. Galt toys did excellent devotion to not only the Royal, but also all children in England. Throughout the past 180 years, Galt have received lots of awards and honors, and are well known in Europe by their creative and artistic design and the good idea of leading kids to learn while playing. To achieve this, Galt launched hundreds of teaching toys, such as puzzles and water magic series. In fact the high sales volume in more than 70 countries tell us, how much Galt’s products are being loved by children and parents around the world.

England Ambi Toys

A brand born in Holland and focus on baby toys by original design, was combined to England Galt Toys recently. Same as other Europe brands, insisting on the suitable age, simple and pure concept to design toys for baby. Ambi seek for extremely high quality products and characterized design style. Lots of classical products keeps high sales volume for more than 40 years. Wow provided excellent infant toys for more than 3000 million families in the world and are deeply loved by lots of parents and babies.

England Morphun

A famous education brand in the world, Morphun gears sets has become a compulsory course for the Royal talent education in the last 20 years. If offers full-scale splicing structure, playing flexibly, huge expansibility, maximally to develop the imagination and creativity of the children through jointing the physics knowledge of leverage, driver and gear. WOW perfectly presents learning in playing and STEM movements, and has received nearly 100 education or toys awards, is becoming a popular educational tools in millions of kindergartens.

Israel Infant Toys

Founded in 1991, Taf Toys is a global infant toy company that focuses on creating a uniquely memorable line of developmental baby toys. All of Taf toys are created with the intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognitive, and physical development during his first two years of growth. Taf insists on suitable age design, gained many international awards thanks to its best quality, unique style and excellent original design. Taf’s products are being taking as favorite toys by more and more consumers because of its easier parenting and more pleasant interaction.

France Paris Doudou

In 1985, Mr. Joly founded Doudou, as the only brand in pacying infant (in French, doudou means pacify), Doudou, like its country, owns dreamy romanticism feature. The HO and DC series products achieved 39% market share in Europe and 56% market share in France. Elegant design, high-class level quality, makes Doudou to become the best gift whatever in France or in Europe. Alain, the son of Mr. Joly, succeeded the vision of focusing on excellent quality, and serving for love. He sponsored an love activity and built a website SOSDOUDOU, to serve for lost toys, which made Doudou to grow into a toys leader brand in Europe.

Switzerland KIDITEC Blocks

Kiditec is a top-class Engineering Toys brand from Switzerland, and design to develop and train children’s imagination, creativity and execution. Due to high quality, it has kept good market in Europe and America for over 20 years, and is called as “the Rolex of blocks”. Beside lots of fun, the blocks can be made into many workable tools, such as scooter, balance car and etc. This opening playing method is not only liked by the family from Europe and America, but also is used as educational tools for the course of STEM and learning in play in lots of international high-end children educational organizations.

America Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

An famous STEM education wooden toys brand in America, with strong humanistic feeling, the founder built the factory in Honduras. Over the years, Tegu not only manufacture good toys, but also keep protecting environment by “planting a new tree while cutting an old tree”. The particular magnetic embedded construction, creative design and variety of playing made Tegu received many international awards, and is becoming the most popular magnetic wooden blocks toys around the world. Fully performing STEM education concept makes Tegu blocks is being brought in more and more family education and international kindergarten and schools.

Belgium PLAY&GO

Play&Go are a Belgian based creative company offering clever, colorful and inspiring products for you, your kids and your home. It perfectly combines the function of playing game and storage, not only brings lots of fun to kids, but also swiftly and easily helps to clear away all your toys with one swing. This novel and multifunctional design made their first product worldwide succeeded. Nowadays, Play&Go have more and more fashionable items, Classic Collection, Print Collection, Designer Collection and Customized Collection. It motivates kids to learn cleaning up and storaging their toys, returns kids tidy and neat space, more important, it guides us a brand new life way.

England YouAi

Youai, a new and vigorous toy brand from England, was founded in 2016. With cooperation with many artist and toys designers, Youai carries out many funny and educational toys in individual style. That’s why it is being fond of by many consumers from different countries. Youai aims to provide the most safe, funny and excellent toys to the children all over the world, give children their pure childhood. In 2018, Youai will bring more products to China market.


Taiwan Wisdomball was founded by Mr. Yang Ju-Hsun in Taiwan in 1992, an education toy and was awarded the gold medal in both Germany and Geneva. It was created by combining the transcendental three dimension concept of Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres in ancient Chinese civilization with numerical philosophy. It is a great educational tool in preschool, early and school education, also is becoming popular with lots of people who love all kinds of interactive and challenging toys.

Australian SLIDA

SLIDA is a world-first, Australian-invented 3D puzzle, designed for kids but will be enjoyed by people of all ages. It won the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva and Muse Creative Gold Award in two different categories, started a new field in educational toys. This is a new, fun, exciting and playful product based on logic thinking and our traditional mortise and tenon joint structure. Slida does very well not only in keeping kids, their friends and parents engaged for hours, but also is being recommended by more and more competition and even audits, especially for office people, it is absolutely perfect tool for releasing working pressure.

England MiniHornit

A creative outdoor toys brand from England, called as “the best partner of children’s bicycles”. MiniHornit was founder by British Tom, a mountain bike lover. It is the world’s most fun bike & scooter accessory. It comes loaded with 25 sound effects, white and green lights and has wings which easily attach to any size handlebars. It makes children to love biking, creates more fun to every biker. In recent two years, MiniHorint is fastly becoming fashionable in Europe, America and Australia , and deeply loved by bike lovers.

England ScribbleDown

Scribble Down Limited was created in 2011 by a couple of Sarah & Peter Hendrickx, based in the heart of the English countryside, an innovative toys brand. It can transfer the beautiful artwork by rub-down in anywhere you want. It’s a young company, but got fast spread over worldwide in five years. Not only children, but lots of young people are fond of it. It is designed to create fun, with good stickness, easy to use and support DIY, learning from fun, and it also stimulate young minds and inspire creative play, let players to create their own artwork and any scene they want.

Sweden Flexitoys

Flexitoys is subordinate to Viking toys company, another pro-people toy brand, Different with Vikingtoys which is famous for high-class toys, Flexitoys aims at middle-end consumers. But it selects good materials and simple design as Viking always does, to work out the striated tubular vehicle series, which down the cost rapidly but still keep excellent product quality same as Vikingtoys, to sold very well in more and more countries.

Germany Hola OffBeat

Hola is a senior musical toy brand, was founded by Germany famous musical instrument company BAFF. It is one of the most popular musical toys in the world, and succeed in more than 80 countries. Its unique rhythm and fine interactivity make it becoming the best choice of parents, deeply fond by lots of families, kindergartens and early education organizations.